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haunt trailer
the tour of a haunted house
history of a haunted house
midnight in a haunted house
commercial for a haunted house
A Goth Ghost Story
A Strange Little Movie
Guns & Ghosts
haunt trailer featuring Stacie Wilson with Tom Malfarina's sculpture Well Of Souls with a lot of creative special effects and editing. More on haunt.
One St. Stephen (1975) November with footage from a recent Washington D.C. anti-war protest. More on the album One St. Stephen and also available on ITunes.
John Morgan's music video The Journey won Don Patterson his first Telly and a Videographer's Award of Distinction in 2002. John's CDs are amazing and available.
haunt clip #1 features Rebecca Pascal, John Grote, Judy Cyran, James Ataman & Don Patterson. Watch clips #1, #2 and #3 in order.
The Nevada Smith music video Fell Out was shot in four hours on a Sunday morning, featuring Nate Adkins, Stacie Wilson, the band with their friends at a local pub. See making music videos.

haunt clip #2 features Noelle Foor, Tracy Hollingsworth & Bill Blechschmid. Visit our actors page.

Monster In Your Closet music video Nightlight James Pinel created most of the original music for the haunt soundtrack. Video featuring Lilly Pinel and Max. Want a music video?
haunt clip #3 featuring Michael Brown, Ben Brown, Tim Addie & Matt Waugh. Watch the Lucy Fear commercial. Check out haunt.
The haunted hydro dark haunt actors from a scene in haunt featuring Robert "Crazy Bob" Turner.
The Lucy Fear haunted house television commercial, featuring Rebecca Pascal and Geoffrey Beck. See the entire movie !
In A Vacant Building teaser featuring Zane Arthur, Beth Stinchcomb and Noelle Foor. Music by my Friend In the Darkness, Mark Dickinson -- visit his website for great art.
Actor's Scenes, a short teaser from haunt featuring the TV police - Tim McMahon, F. Leon Wilson and Dimitri Teague.
plukt trailer featuring Angela Timon, Kate Slotwinski, Jessica Allen & Jennifer Smith. Music by Others.
Screaming In The Dark teaser featuring Jerel Hass, Wes Clodfeller, Noelle Foor and Tracy Hollingsworth. Actors.
Auditions - laugh, featuring Jacqueline Downing, Shane Howard & David Brown. So you want to be an actor - great, click here!
November music video
John Morgan
Nevada Smith music video
Monster In Your Closet music video
booing you to death
Actors that shine
Auditions can be fun

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